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  • Revenue growth Scale your campaigns, increase traffic, reach new users and maintain high UA numbers to ensure stable revenue growth every month.
  • New markets penetration Grow your business and expand into new markets, countries and regions by using GEO-trargeting.
  • Capitalization Reach more and more new users every month, increasing the number of transactions and the value of your company.
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in a month
On your own
With an initial marketing investment of € 10,000 and projected earnings of € 15,000, you’ll make barely enough money to cover your on-going costs.
What’s more – your funds are locked in the Store for 30 days, pushing back development times another month!
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1 month 2 month 3 month 4 month
your speed
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With an initial marketing investment of € 10,000 and projected earnings of € 15,000, you’ll receive a capital boost and move forward with the next stage of your development cycle right away.

No waiting times to collect your funds, no delays in the development.

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  • RELIABILITY: you don’t have to change your bank details in app stores, so there is no risk of being blocked
  • SECURITY: we make direct deposits to your account in a trusted partner bank - Unlimint
  • TRANSPARENCY: flat rates with no hidden fees or charges in any jurisdiction

Who are we?

GamesBoost42 is a part of GamesUp42 - the international group of companies that together offer a full range of services in the gaming sector, including game development and graphic design, payment and financial management, marketing data analytics, advertising and publishing and other services.

We’re a team of dedicated and experienced specialists who support creators and developers through the entire lifecycle of marketing their games and or apps. If you need capital to scale your app, we’re here to offer a full suite of services to bring your project to the next level.

Igor Ivchenko Co-founder 10+ years of experience in finance
Andrey Postnikov CBDO 12 years of mobile games publishing
Igor Mukhin CEO 10 years of software development, expertise in CRM/ERP systems
Mikhail Akulov Co-founder 12+ years of experience in gaming business